What exactly are consultancy services?

Essentially, consultancy services are carried out by a consultancy firm, consisting of industry experts and professionals. Consultancy services can be used by both individuals and organizations, in exchange for a varying fee. The main goal of any respectable consultant is to give advice in order to reach a brand objective.

What is a consultancy fee?

Simply said, a consultancy fee is the amount paid to the consultancy firm by a client. Different consultancy companies offer various fee options.

Are all consultancy details confidential?

Yes, entirely. All trustworthy consultancy companies work under strict confidentiality policies. Even in a free consultation, all shared information remains between you and the consultants. We, as a brand, value our clients’ privacy and strive to give them the best possible environment for business development.

What are the responsibilities of a marketing consultant?

Be it working alone or within a company (as is our case), a marketing consultant provides marketing monitoring, development, and advancement to the client. Research, market analysis, demographic details, possible trends to follow, sales data, client satisfaction, service evaluation – all of those (and more!) are the typical duties of a marketing consultant.